Here are some testimonials from our customers:

I've so thoroughly enjoyed the hummingbird and finch feeders that I bought last year. I've had many feeders over the years, but these are the best. I'm so glad I found your website.
Posted By: Sharon C.
Cedaredge, CO
I've had feeders out for the past 2 years in our yard but would only get one or two hummers and they came to our feeders infrequently. I did some reading about which feeders were best and this one seemed high on the list due to the glass bottle and BPA free plastic, the shape of the holes in the feeder (oval),and the design of the perch around the feeder. Other similar feeders (Best 1) have round holes and the perch is designed in a way that sometimes cause smaller birds to lose their footing (while trying to use the round holes) and then get caught between the perch and feeder (which can result in death). I decided to go with the Hummer Magnet. I ordered and received 3 of the 16 oz feeders blemished although I couldn't see a thing wrong with them). Within a week there were significantly more birds in our yard. Now just 3 weeks later there are 4-6 birds on every feeder regularly with peak times reaching 10 or more per feeder. I've never seen so many hummingbirds in my life! Great feeder, easy to clean, love the sugar measure which means no mixing big batches of food. I plan to get more of these feeders to replace my one remaining Perky Pet feeder. Will probably get a 32 oz as currently the birds are emptying all 4 feeders every day! Thanks for a well thought out product, super fast shipping and a great product.
Posted By: Julie Wyatt
Washington state
Thanks for the great feeder!! My Anna's took to it right away. I'm glad they now have a place to perch while eating and are no longer burning precious calories just hovering to eat. I think your feeder will be perfect. I really like that the bottom reservoir opens up for cleaning. I also like that you sent the videos about cleaning and filling the feeder! Thanks again. I have been telling my friends about you. Hopefully they will place orders too.
Posted By: Christy P
Tacoma, WA
We have Hummingbirds all year long. Sometimes I see over 30 Hummers trying to feed and can hardly count them. I had feeders that were fairly shallow and I was filling them constantly. I saw and ordered this 32 oz. feeder with the glass bottle and love it. They shipped promptly and it arrived very well packed. I love it. I highly recommend this company and feeder. Thanks Hummingbird Store!
Posted By: Marsha Caristi
Tucson, Arizona
I have never owned a hummingbird feeder before and when I browsed the internet to find out "the best", I found your website and products. I purchased the HummerMagnet. I am thrilled with the feeder as it immediately attracted hummingbirds to our yard! It is beautiful to display, easy to clean and has provided us hours of hummingbird sightings! Thank you for this wonderful feeder!
Posted By: Nancy Kissinger
Palatine, IL
I have never had a hummingbird feeder that was so easy to use and clean, nor one that attracted so many hummingbirds. We usually only have 2 hummingbirds each year, but after putting up this feeder we now have 6. Was unable to get a good picture of the Rufous Hummingbirds, but the black-chinned and Ruby-Throated hummingbirds were both co-operative. Thanks again for making such a good feeder.
Posted By: Patti B
Ringgold, GA
I am supposed to be retired. One would think a 72 year old lady could enjoy her golden years !! That is so NOT me.
Posted By: Barbara Woody
Bluefield WV

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