Here are some testimonials from our customers:

My hummingbirds prefer to drink from your feeder than any other! If I switch the feeders, I have a Perky Pet in the front yard, in the style of Dr. JB's. They'll always move to yours and finish that nectar first.
Posted By: Luis M.
Bakersfield, CA
Hi Steve,

I want to say that I love your hummer feeder and I recommend it all the time. It is so easy to use with the mixing lines and easy to clean.

Thanks for a great product and excellent customer service!

Posted By: Wayne W.
Granby, Ct.
Hey, thanks back at you, for the great feeder design. My neighbor's new bee hives overwhelmed my old feeders, but your feeder has been bee free, and the birds love it. As an Aussie would say, "Good on ya, mate".
Posted By: Frank T.
Sand Springs, Oklahoma
Thank you for the fast shipping. Well must go, clean the feeders and fill them Humming birds in waiting. Mark
Posted By: MARK DAY
Rockford IL.
Have been feeding God's little creatures for years. The 32 oz. has to be the best feeder by far. Never fails to deliver and out does all the others. That's why I am fazing out my older feeders and replacing them with the 32 oz. model. One thing I have done to draw in more hummers, I located my feeders next to butterfly bushes. The aroma of the butterfly bushes along with the feeders seems to really bring em in. I have 4 feeders to date. I have counted up to 40 hummers with many resting in the butterfly bushes waiting their turn. I make up to 3 gallons of mix a week. What a joy to watch them!!
Posted By: Charles Bradley
North Carolina (Piedmont)
These truly are the best hummingbird feeders, and I have tried many different models from other companies. They are easy to clean and fill; the hummingbirds learn quickly how to use them, bees cannot feed from them. Thanks!
Posted By: V Shrock
Spokane, WA
For years I tried to find the best and most convenient feeder. I purchased several and eventually discarded them. This feeder is perfect. It is easy to fill and doesn't leak. The hummingbirds love it. I'm very happy with it and have two. I highly recommend this feeder.
Posted By: Neil M
Austin, TX

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