Here are some testimonials from our customers:

By the way, male Black-chinned hummers are currently visiting one of the feeders I purchased from you. They're choosing your feeder over an Aspects feeder that is hanging just a few feet away. That's a good endorsement.
Posted By: Howard W.
Dripping Springs, TX
I just received this feeder today and it looks like it is going to be a breeze to clean. Yay!!! I have had a difficult time finding feeders that are affordable and easy to clean. I purchased a blemished one and was wondering what it would look like, and it was merely an area or two where the adhesive on the label had a little bubble under it. I'm very pleased with the item.
Posted By: Kay
Hutson, AR
I purchased this feeder because it sounded unusual, and the price was right, to boot. Well let me tell you--it is absolutely WONDERFUL! I had another feeder that got the occasional hummingbird, but nothing to write home about. For some reason the hummingbirds are really attracted to this feeder, and not only that, but they actually sit at it and feed (just like the picture shows), so they are there for a longer time than they are at other feeders where they're feeding on the fly. I am seeing hummingbirds at it on and off all day long! I also love how easy it is to disassemble to clean. I'm seriously considering purchasing a second one. Two of my friends have already purchased one on my recommendation! LOL!
Posted By: Rana K
Renton, WA
Pretty little cottage industry feeder with bird-flower picture on the glass. Base is very well-designed -- like that of the Best brand feeder. Sugar level mark on container is helpful for mixing nectar in the container (very handy). Would make a very nice gift for any hummer aficianado. The supporting materials are good for beginners.
Posted By: Becky
Boerne, TX
I love the HummerMagnet!!! ...and best is we have hummingbirds who love it too!!! I see the hummingbirds out there and it always makes me smile. Yours is definitely a product I would recommend to others! Thank you for the fast shipment and the excellent quality feeder! We are very impressed!!! Thank you so much!!!!
Posted By: Wendy W.
Austin, TX
Pretty little feeder. It never occurred to me that I'd like the painting on the glass so much! The sugar line is very helpful!!
Posted By: Leslie H.
My hummers thank you for this wonderful feeder! Previously, they had to fight with dozens of bees to get a drink. I have a closet full of feeders that claimed to be bee proof and were not. They all leaked, if not at first, eventually. I'll be purchasing another HummerMagnet, the only truly bee proof feeder on the market.
Posted By: J. Van Paepeghem
Mathews, NC

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