Here are some testimonials from our customers:

Thank you so very much for sending me your Hummer Magnet Swallow-tailed on Grevillea feeder. We just moved to this area and put up a lovely feeder which was a gift from our daughter. We were blessed to see a hummer arrive, but the feeder only had one spout hole and continually dripped--bummer. We notice other hummers coming in to feed, but had to wait their turn. Your feeder arrived and the minute I put it up the hummers arrived, checked it out for 15 seconds and loved the perch and additional holes. Bless you, Mary
Posted By: Mary Chilcutt
Evergreen, CO
Thank you so much for your help in ordering and shipping my feeder. Your feeders are the very best!We have a lot of problems here with wasps, but with your feeders the wasps cant get into them, I think one of the biggest plus is that your feeders dont have the awful stickey dripping,most importantly the hummers love the feeders, they are happy and so am I ! I have about 15 feeding out there in the evening. I watch the hummers every evening, amazing little birds arent they? Thank you again, Sheila Rose Lincoln, Ca."
Posted By: Sheila Rose
Now I can tell you just how wonderful your feeders are. Over the years I have amassed more feeders than I can count. They are all packed and ready to go to our local donation recepticle. The feeders I purchased from you a couple of years ago are all I need. I hang them from the eaves and during the height of the season, I refill all three of them at least once a day, some days, twice a day. What a joy it is to finally be able to enjoy these precious gems in such an affordabled way. Thank You SO Much!
Posted By: Cristi B.
Kountze, TX
Posted By: John D.
Trabuco Canyon, CA
I just bought these wonderful feeders and my hummingbirds are just humming about it to other hummers. They jut love these feeders, you can't buy a better feeder anywhere. I'm glad I got them and know where to get more. Thank you Hummingbird Store for such wonderful service and great feeders.
Posted By: Deborah D.
Olney, IL
I recently bought a Hummermagnet II from you. My hummingbirds love it and so do I. In addition to all of the features you've mentioned, I think it valuable that the hummers can perch to feed. This saves their energy and thus increases the value of what they drink from the feeder. This is definitely a terrific feeder. Thank you for this terrific hummingbird feeder. After buying two from the local home improvement store and having to return them with problems, I was delighted to find this. It seems to be all-around perfect!
Posted By: Barbara L.
Charlotte, NC
The Best Hummingbird Feeder I Have Ever Owned It's the truth! We have had others, but unfortunately, we also have a woodpecker that loves them too, so currently, we are in a struggle with him to get him to stop, but luckily, this one seems to be holding up his weight, but it really is terrific, and thanks again!
Posted By: Renee A.

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