Here are some testimonials from our customers:

I purchased my first feeders from you several years ago. They have held up very well. Thanks for providing such a good product!

Posted By: Lucy N.
Blanco, TX
I received the package today and love the feeders. Already have 3 hummingbirds coming by!
Posted By: Joanne P.
Browns Summit, NC.
Love this feeder. I have had my other one for years. The best! Thank you. Cathy R
Posted By: Cathy R.
East Haven, CT
I did a search for the best hummingbird feeders, and I think I found them! I enjoy my hummers so much, and these feeders are going to make it so much easier to take care of my little friends. What a great design! The videos are very helpful, too! Thank you!
Posted By: Linda A.
Kansas City, Mo.
For the past four days hummers have been feasting from one HummerMagnet. Sixteen ounces... twice a day! A feeder of another brand sits barely visited. So by popular vote of the birds, your feeder wins! Why?? I am no engineer but ergonomically it appeals to these little birds. From the perch ring the bird sits with confidence and support. He then tilts forward in a natural position and his beak is right at the feeding slit. The eight feeding ports are not too many.

In over forty years of observing hummers during their spring and fall migrations from my rural home in southern Louisiana, I have found no better feeder than yours. I have purchased several as gifts for friends. Thank you for a well designed, leak proof, easily cleaned and economical feeder.

Fred V.
Posted By: Fred V.
Abbeville, La.
I got my feeder this mourning. Great service. I
love the clean-out feature and the birds seem to feed longer with the
roost to use while feeding, I may need another feeder next spring. Some
of our birds have left but a few still remain. Ken
Posted By: Ken K.
Grand Island, NE.
I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your innovative design. I used the Perky Pet feeders for years. Cleaning them was a huge chore and pain in the tail, plus they leaked- creating mildew on the porch- and attracted yellowjackets.

Your feeders take about a quarter of the time to clean and refill, and the only time one has leaked was when I accidentally hit it with a tennis ball I was throwing for the dog and knocked it off the hook. Bees and yellowjackets ignore it, although recently I saw a butterfly using it (a first)

Keep up the good work!
Posted By: Erin G.
Thomasville, GA

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