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Have you given any thought to the possibility of growing your local hummingbird population? If seeing the occasional hummingbird visit your feeder or garden gives you pleasure, imagine the satisfaction that you would feel if you had dozens of Flying Jewels showing off their aerial antics all day long? Imagine the joy this flying show can provide to your friends and neighbors who have not yet figured out how special these creatures are.

Several years ago we set out our first hummingbird feeder and sure enough we had the occasional visit from one of our local birds and it was truly a sight to see. We had taken the first step. And then we got to thinking, could we possibly increase our local population by planting more flowers and hanging more feeders? Logic seemed to indicate that if we made the local habitat more appealing, over time we could grow the local population as well. So that is exactly what we have done.

Each year we have planted more flowers and hung additional feeders and each year we have more and more hummingbirds who decide to make their summer home near our home. At times there are so many birds in the air that it is impossible to make an accurate count. Our visitors all say the same thing, that they have never seen so many hummingbirds!

Because hummingbirds are so territorial and protective of prime sources of nectar you will want to create smaller territories just out of sight from each other. These territories should consist of a feeder and a grouping of their favorite local flowers. Start by creating the first one near your favorite sitting area and then over time add a few more on the other sides of your house or patio. The next thing you know you will have 5-10 of these smaller territories and more hummingbirds than you could ever imagine. We have added one or two each spring to get to the point where are now which have hummingbirds flying in all directions!

Another excellent idea that will also reap rewards for you as well is to encourage your neighbors to also create hummingbird gardens and you can help to get them hooked on the idea by giving beautiful feeders as gifts. They are typically inexpensive and make long-lasting gifts that in addition to helping to supplement the local hummingbirds, you may just change someone’s life.

Ok, so you have incorporated small segregated territories into your hummingbird garden, now what? If done early in the season you will likely notice immediate results by attracting a few more hummingbirds the first year and then each year thereafter you should have more than the year before. Within a couple of years you will be covered in hummingbirds and the envy of the neighborhood.

Doing this work, a labor of love really, will not only add to the hummingbird population in your garden, but will also provide these beautiful creatures with a little extra food supplement that they might just need on occasion.